Crossroads is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in Florida which has been in the business of helping kids for almost thirty years.   In 2012 Crossroads moved from working with the Department of Juvenile Justice to working with foster boys.   Many of our foster boys have similar issues as the juvenile justice boys we’ve so successfully helped in the past.

Without the care and nurturing of a family, many children fail to develop the life skills necessary to succeed in education, employment, social interactions and family relationships. The overriding goal for AMIkids Crossroads is to ensure children are unified with a loving forever family or have the tools to live independently by providing kids and potential placement families with an integrated continuum of care.


AMIkids Crossroads offers residential program services to teens who struggle fitting into the foster care system and society in general.

Through the AMIkids Personal Growth Model©, the program offers a unique combination of education, treatment and behavioral services that provide a sense of normalcy for kids whose lives have been anything but normal. Youth are provided the opportunity to transform their lives through positive and motivating programming that inspires learning, leadership and personal growth.

Caring, positive role models at AMIkids Crossroads provide youth the tools they need to transition into a successful home placement or an independent living program. Working together with biological families, foster families, adoptive families and community resources, AMIkids Crossroads’ goal is to help youth find an appropriate, long-term placement.

To achieve these goals, AMIkids offers:

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

  • Anger Replacement training
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Trauma-Focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Gender-specific Treatment
  • Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavior Modification through a Rewards-Based System

Individualized Academics provided by: 2 Teachers, 2 Assistants and 2 Vocational Instructors

Vocational and Employability Skills Development

  • Casey Life Skills
  • Industry-recognized Certification Courses

Hands-on Learning through Experiential Opportunities

 Our pledge:

To achieve a stable and enriched learning environment, to provide the “tools” to the boys so they can survive in the world. To teach each boy what society expects from them and what they should expect from themselves along with learning to love who they are. We are their family and AMIKids Crossroads is their home. 

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  1. Can you for August drive in do Jurassic Park the original. That would be amazing for my 7 year old son.

  2. How much does it cost and is there a movie tonight?

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