Donate Now

 To donate to the Crossing Guards (birthdays, Christmas, special events, care packages and more) please visit the Crossing Guards page;

$1000 month for six months                                                        

If you are interested in donating-page-001

$500 month for six months

$250 month for six months

$100 month for six months



Checks can also be sent to;

AMIkids Crossroads
45991 Bermont Road
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

(941) 575-5790

An integral part of the experience our boys need comes as a direct result of community support. Crossroads counts on this support in providing a healthy and nurturing environment for these boys. We need volunteers, mentors, volunteer opportunities for our boys, but especially financial support.

Without your financial support Crossroads would be unable to provide all but the most basic of services. They boys we have need much more than basic services. We are grateful for the support of this community and want to recognize those who have made this possible – those who have made Crossroads a part of their own family.

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  1. P.S. This is a donation….no monetary compensation expected. 🙂

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